Pierre Mabille

Assistant Professor of Finance, INSEAD 

CEPR Research Affiliate

Research interests: household finance, real estate, asset pricing, macroeconomics

Curriculum Vitae

Email: pierre.mabille@insead.edu


The Missing Homebuyers: Regional Heterogeneity and Credit Contractions (SSRN)

Review of Financial Studies, 36(7), July 2023, pp. 2756-2796

CEPR-TFI Household Finance Award, 2020

AREUEA Homer Hoyt Dissertation Award (honorable mention), 2021

Media: Knowledge

Affordable Housing and City Welfare (NBER WP 25906, SSRN), with Jack Favilukis and Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh 

Review of Economic Studies, 90(1), January 2023, pp. 293-330

Media: VoxEU, FT Business School Insider, MarketWatch, Global Housing Watch, Ideas At Work, Gothamist, LA Times, NY Daily News, The Urbanist, Knowledge, Bank of Spain Annual Report

Internationalization versus Regionalization in the Emerging Stock Markets, with Virginie Coudert and Karine Herve

International Journal of Economics and Finance, 20(1), January 2015, pp. 16-27

Working Papers

Financial Constraints and the Racial Housing Gap (SSRN), with Arpit Gupta and Christopher Hansman 

Journal of Financial Economics, revise and resubmit

Media: Kenan Institute

Aggregate Precautionary Savings Motives (SSRN)

Intermediary-Based Loan Pricing (SSRN), with Olivier Wang